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Cretan Dream Diaries

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Your Cretan adventure promises new discoveries to make your dreams a reality.

Explore the birthplace of legends, indulge in culinary delights, and create memories that resonate with the whisper of the Greek Mediterranean breeze. 

Popular Destionations

Discover Kreta's 4 prefectures: iconic cities, natural marvels, cultural treasures abound.

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Editor's Pick

Kournas Lake Beach

By Efi Chamalidi 6 Min Read

"Explore Lake Kournas: Serene Beauty Awaits!"

Gramvousa Beach

By Efi Chamalidi 8 Min Read

Explore Gramvousa Islet's beauty & history!

Menies (Diktynna) Beach

By Efi Chamalidi 4 Min Read

"Explore the serene beauty of Menies Beach!"

Nea Chora Beaches

By Efi Chamalidi 4 Min Read

"Explore Nea Chora Beaches - Sun, Sea & Sand!"

Stavros Beach

By Efi Chamalidi 5 Min Read

"Explore the serene beauty of Stavros Beach!"